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I have 35 years experience with Paranormal Attachments (Exorcisms), Hauntings & Clearings & always with positive results. I also relieve internal stress from the mind & body.

My name is John, born in 1948 in France and left at the age of five with my family for Washington State, Oregon. 2 years after we left for Los Angeles, California and stayed there for 15 years. I’m now back in France and live in The Country, North of Paris. Hobbies & Interests lie in Sports such as Surfing, Skiing, Diving & Martial Arts. What I enjoy the most is Paranormal & Traveling around the World. Countries visited : Brazil – China – Finland – Lapland - Mexico – Thailand – Dominican Republic – Jordan – Morocco – Tunisia – Malaysia - Canada and all Europe. As mentioned in my brief description I work within the Paranormal. Here's more about my work in my BIO. Paranormal: Since a child I have been Communicating with Spirits, Magnetism & Healing. I started healing when I was a teenager, I could take my headaches away, pain, even terrible ones and did this later to others. Inside of me I knew I was to go further and had to do something else but my Spiritual Guides told me I was not yet ready. Up until the age of 45 I helped people with all sorts of things like allergies, stress etc. Then one day without a warning before going on my first trip to China I felt a huge electrical shock all over my body and that’s when the ability to work in Exorcism (Attachments & Clearings) started; No warning, no preparation, just the shock (Don’t ask me why it was done that way). For two years I lived with something like a screen in front of me and could determine what the person in front of me was like inside (this was very hard) especially in my surroundings. I told no-one about this and had to channel it. After this, I had begun to channel all that Energy. My Spiritual Guides told me to use my instinct and make it work, it was hard in the beginning but has been easy since. Ever since, I have been involved with haunted houses (clearings), evil/negative spirits (entities), possession (attachments) and so on. Things that I hated to speak about or even think of because it scared me so much is what I am now working in 100% ... and without fear. If someone tells me this is science fiction I can agree with them but it’s true and certainly not fiction. I have had the normal job (Retired) but spend my life helping people; this is what I wanted the most and still do. The way I work is with a picture of the person asking for help, pictures of the people they are wanting help for, pictures of the House or land unless of course I have the possibility to have person next to me or near the area. The pictures of the people/places must have no-one else on them. If the occasion requires I do picture readings which must have the eyes of the person visible. It is in the eyes One reads. I communicate directly with your Soul through your picture. I have worked on many Paranormal sites online and have remained at one site in particular. I continue to help people via Healing, Exorcism (Attachments & Clearings) because I love to help. Take care, you are not alone in your situation now. I am here to help you. John / fldragon

Experience & Qualifications

Although I do not have the paper qualification, my life experience and living the Paranormal on a daily basis speaks for itself. Here are some examples of what I have dealt with and what I do deal with: House Hauntings - Poltergeist activity involving lights & all home electrical appliances going on/off, doors slamming, hearing footsteps etc etc; Voodoo & Spells - Clearing spells & creating a return to sender. Blocking people from spiritually harming innocent people. Removal of Attached Entities - Spirits (Entities) which harm the person physically and mentally. Entities which are violent and abusive. Helping Spirits who have been stuck on the physical plane to pass over. This happens often when spirits experience an abnormal death i.e Murder, accidents, suicides etc. I am open to helping you with any paranormal issues you are experiencing.


Over 35 years experience living in Paranormal and helping on sites online as well as in person.

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